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Having regular checkups that include a physical exam provide your primary care physician with an opportunity to detect illnesses before they grow serious. At Pierre Physician Group in downtown Houston, Mariette Pierre, MD, brings a personalized approach to health care that includes comprehensive physical exams and preventive screenings. To learn more about the advantages of regular physical exams, call Pierre Physician Group or schedule an appointment online today.

Physical Exam Q & A

Why is it important to have regular checkups?

Having regular checkups with a primary care physician can help protect your long-term health. During these appointments, Dr. Pierre can establish a general baseline for your overall health and wellness. This baseline can help her identify potential health risks before they grow serious, and can even reduce your risk of certain health conditions in the future.

At an annual exam, Dr. Pierre checks to make sure that you’re up-to-date on your vaccinations and records your vitals like weight, heart rate, and blood pressure. She also records your personal and family medical histories to gather information about potential conditions you may be at risk for, like heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

In addition to capturing this information, Dr. Pierre also performs a physical exam, offers Medicare wellness exams for people over 65, and performs preventive health screenings based on your age and gender.

What can I expect during a physical exam?

During a physical exam, Dr. Pierre checks your overall health by:

  • Visually screening your body for potential issues
  • Listening for sounds that indicate illness
  • Tapping on certain parts of your body to check for dysfunction
  • Palpating specific areas to look for irregularities

The physical portion of your exam provides valuable information that can help Dr. Pierre detect potential issues requiring additional testing.

What is a Medicare wellness exam?

Medicare wellness exams are a benefit for Medicare recipients that don’t require a copayment. In addition to a physical exam, these visits typically include:

  • A simple vision test
  • Depression assessment
  • Tests for cognitive impairment
  • Blood tests and immunizations
  • Body mass index (BMI) measurement
  • Preventive screenings

Dr. Pierre also discusses areas of your health you’d like to improve, like losing weight.

What are preventive screenings?

As a primary care physician, Dr. Pierre believes in preventive care for a longer life. Preventive care screenings work to detect illness or signs of disease at an early stage, which typically provides the greatest chance for successful treatment. In fact, preventive care could save over 100,000 lives each year.

Preventive screenings vary depending on your age and gender. For most adults, these screenings include:

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Cholesterol screening
  • Type 2 diabetes screening
  • Sexually transmitted disease screening
  • Breast cancer screening for women
  • Prostate cancer screening for men
  • Fall prevention

Adults over 50 should also receive regular colorectal cancer screening to help prevent colon and rectal cancer.

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